COUNCIL INTERFACE -  The committee is established to interface with other DoD business councils/organizations and internal committees/council members through the utilization of the Council Website (managed and overseen by this committee), sharing pertinent information concerning small business advocacy issues and related council activities. Recommendations for functional changes derived from committee efforts will be brought to the Executive Board for consideration.


EDUCATION -  Conducts educational seminars for the small business community in conjunction with small business procurement conferences. Offer a wide variety of relevant topics pertaining to government/industry procurement. Presents informal training on timely subjects for Council members at general membership meetings.


PUBLIC RELATIONS/MEMBERSHIP -  The committee strives to maintain and increase membership in the Council in accordance with the provisions of the by-laws. Membership directories are updated and published electronically on Council website. The committee is responsible for making the community aware of the Council and its objectives.  This may be accomplished by advertisement, Council publications, etc. ... involving community leaders, i.e. trade associations, community news editors, federal, state, and local Government officials, and nonprofit organizations such as universities. The committee will keep the Council members informed of relevant activities, such as conferences, seminars, workshops or other meetings that may be of interest to the Council. The committee will publish necessary "Fact Sheet" updates, and the membership directory.


SMALL BUSINESS AWARENESS - The committee shall seek out successful small business concerns and invite them to hare with the Council their products/services. The Council shall consider issues and provide recommendations as appropriate. The committee is also responsible for publishing the Small Business Supplier Directory.


RECOGNITION - Coordinated annual council award nominations and balloting (by popular vote of the membership) in recognition of members and their responsibilities in the community and on the council. The committee shall be responsible for ensuring recognition/appreciation items are obtained and distributed for the annual recognition event. The committee also obtains tokens of appreciation for speakers.